Les Miz Won’t Be in 3-D

Tom Hooper== OHWOW Los Angeles Inaugural Exhibition of SCOTT CAMPBELL: Noblesse Oblige== OHWOW Gallery, Los Angeles, CA== March 19, 2011== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo – ANDREAS BRANCH/patrickmcmullan.com== Photo: ANDREAS BRANCH/Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan

Tom Hooper's upcoming Les Miserables will not be in 3-D, he tells the BBC, so rest easy. (It could still star Taylor Swift as Eponine, though, so don't rest too easy.) "I did test 3D and I was very tempted — I think it is a very interesting new form," he says, prompting Vulture to think about a swirling 3-D suicide sequence or a way-too-intense 3-D "Caste on a Cloud." You made the right call, Tom! He's not avoiding 3-D because it seems sort of ridiculous, however; he's avoiding it because of the eyestrain. "If you have a certain type of eyesight it can be more demanding than watching a normal movie," he laments. "I didn't want to make something that anyone might think 'That's not for me, because I don't like the medium.'" No one tell him that some (sad, stone-hearted people) feel that way about musicals ...