Louis C.K. Is Answering Questions on Reddit

LOUIE: Louis C.K. stars in LOUIE, a new comedy airing on FX. CR: Eric Leibowitz / FX

Louis C.K. is doing an Ask Me Anything chat/thread on Reddit right now, and in between teasing the Redditors, there have been a few gems. Like this quietly tragic take on the universe: "I don't know what a happy ending is," he writes. "If something is happy, then the ending must be sad, because it stopped the happy thing. The only time an end is happy is if the thing it ended was bad." Oof. So far, the rest of the chat hasn't been as illuminating — he got creative control over Louie because he "demanded it"; yes, he edits the show himself; and sure, if there were enough money coming in, he'd make a movie. He sets the price at $8 million, so start coughing up the $5 for his new special, superfans.