Men in Black 3 Trailer: Will Smith Can Still Charm an Alien


It's been almost ten years since the last installment of Men in Black (that was the one with Lara Flynn Boyle and something about an evil light), so we guess it makes sense, in a world where memory can be vaporized with a little green light, that the Men in Black 3 trailer spends a good chunk of its time on exposition. Top secret government dudes, strange space guns, Will Smith bantering with an alien spray-painted on a wall … everyone's caught up now, right? The Men in Black are back! Except, as you will learn once the trailer introduces some minimal plot points, it turns out there is now only one man in black (Emma Thompson, being a very cool woman, doesn't count), as Tommy Lee Jones's ever-disappearing K has actually been dead for forty years. Cue the time-travel plot — and the fairly rad shot of Will Smith jumping off the Chrysler building. We won't spoil the trailer's one reveal, but suffice it to say that if you've missed watching Will Smith annoy surly dudes, or Will Smith flirting with cartoons, or Will Smith working so hard to please, then this is a movie for you. "Don't even worry about it."