New Battleship Trailer: Have You Seen Transformers B-4?


... Because if you have, this new trailer will C-2 it that you're reminded of Hasbro's other, phenomenally successful toy-to-movie franchise. The first teaser for Battleship kept its large-scale alien-invasion stuff to a minimum, but now that more of the special effects are done for the summer 2012 megabudget tentpole, director Peter Berg is ready to slather on the Transformers-like mayhem. As whirligig metal monsters take out planes, trains, and automobiles, it's up to Taylor Kitsch, his older brother Alexander Skarsgård (as a character awesomely named Stone Hopper), and Rihanna to lob missiles at the attacking alien vessels without the benefit of working radar to guide their shots. What happens if they succeed? Universal's wildest dreams would be fulfilled: After taking a risk on their first shot, the studio could land safely on B-2.