Party Lines Slideshow: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jeremy Renner, and More at the Premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


At the premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the Ziegfeld Theatre this week, Tom Cruise was very busy signing autographs. So busy, in fact, that when we asked him if there's anything that's impossible for him — anything he's really not good at doing — he told us: "Getting to the movie on time! I'm trying!" Then, being the thoughtful carpet walker that he is, he added: "I'm sure there are a million things I can't do, but the great thing about being an actor is that I get to go in and learn about people's lives and study it, build new skills, and go to these locations, from learning how to play pool with Paul Newman, then I got to race cars." As for the M:I stunt where he flies off a building, he told us: "I had to figure out actually how to fly, because I was trying not to come in head-first." How do he not go "Wheeee!" the whole time? "I did," he assured us. "Woooo!" What a flat-out maniac! For more from the carpet, click through our slideshow.