Rock of Ages Trailer: Tom Cruise Gives You the Silent Treatment


We've been so engrossed with awards season that we nearly forgot something: Tom Cruise is starring in a big-screen adaptation of the jukebox musical Rock of Ages, and it's coming out next summer! Luckily, a trailer debuted today to remind us, and it looks fun enough and leans heavily on ensemble members Alec Baldwin and Catherine Zeta-Jones, practically forsaking some of its other big names (like Russell Brand) and giving us only the briefest look at newcomer Diego Boneta, who has the lead role. But the truly tricky part of this trailer? The fact that it hides away Tom Cruise like he's a dinosaur in the first teaser for Jurassic Park. Oh sure, we get a glimpse of his hair metal rocker Stacee Jaxx ... but we don't get to hear him utter a single line of dialogue or belt out "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Unconscionable! (There is a clapping monkey, though.)