Ryan Murphy Wants You to Go Through American Horror Story ‘Frame by Frame’ for Clues About Season Two

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Episode 11: BIRTH (Airs December 14, 10:00 pm e/p). Pictured: Connie Britton. CR: Mike Ansell / FX Photo: Mike Ansell/FX

Ryan Murphy told reporters last week that the second season of American Horror Story won't be in the same house, and it won't have the same characters. He said at the time that there was a clue in one of this season's final three episodes about what next season would entail, and now he tells EW that the clue is in "Birth," the penultimate episode. "Go through it frame by frame," Murphy says. "I planted it in there. I will never reveal it." Oh great, something new for the Internet to fight about! "Birth" starts with a scene from Newhart, so here's hoping Murphy's big reveal is that American Horror Story is actually a fever dream from Leslie Bibb's character on Popular.