Saturday Night Live Recap: Katy Perry May Have Been Just a Little Too Ambitious

Last night, pop star Katy Perry made the jump from SNL Musical Guest to Guest Host. It must have seemed to someone that she was ready to graduate: After all, she was in the cast of a very successful film this summer. But then again, the movie was The Smurfs and it was only a vocal performance. So when it came time for Perry perform live comedy, the show’s producers created sketches that showcased her talents: singing, wearing clingy costumes, and doing the (pretty good) British accent she’s presumably learned from her husband. Here are some of the highlights.

Best New Character: When it comes to Weekend Update, Kristen Wiig is, as Seth Meyers tweeted after the episode, one of “#3HallOfFamers.” Her new Update character, Flirting Expert Rebecca LaRue, extended her winning streak.

Best Recurring Character: There’s a good reason that Stefon (Bill Hader) is a fan favorite. And with the holidays coming up, there’s no better time for visitors to the city to take in his advice about fun places for families to visit.

Best Celebrity Cameo: I was spoiled for the “surprise” cameo in this week’s Digital Short, so in case this is your first look at it, I won’t ruin it for you. But it’s pretty great.

And PS, here’s what I correctly predicted on Friday:

That Donald Trump Would Talk about the Debate He Plans to Moderate (though I didn’t think Darrell Hammond would return to play him):

That Hader Would Do His Alan Alda Again (though I didn’t expect that it would be in a spoof of New Year’s Eve, which stars SNL’s head writer Meyers):

That Alec Baldwin Would Play Himself in a Sketch Addressing his American Airlines Scandal (though I figured the sketch would be skewer the airline more than it allowed Baldwin to mock himself):

That Perry’s Lack of Acting Talent Would be Camouflaged by Having Her Sing (though I didn’t suspect she would do so much of it):

Saturday Night Live Recap: Katy Perry May Have Been Just a Little Too Ambitious