The Ten Best and Worst Movie Posters of the Year


When it came time to assemble Vulture's annual list of the best and worst movie posters of the year, we were faced with a conundrum: How could we find a way to include the hilarious poster for Nurse 3-D, which features a blood-soaked and nude Paz de la Huerta? Alas, even though that poster was released in 2011 (before the movie was even shot!), Nurse 3-D won't be out until 2012, and so we decided to disqualify it and a few other striking one-sheets — like the recent teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises — until next year. Over these ten slides, then, you'll find the best and worst the movies of 2011 had to offer, and a few cases where a movie went from one good poster to a stinker (and vice versa).