In the ‘You Da One’ Video, Rihanna Showcases Crotch-Grabbing Abilities


Rihanna's current record Talk That Talk makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Rihanna enjoys the sex. If you were still skeptical about this, well, here's the video for "You Da One," in which Rihanna pretty much cannot stop grabbing her crotch and humping the air. Possibly no male performer has ever grabbed his crotch this much in a concentrated period of time, and they certainly haven't done it in leather overalls, fishnets, and shorts, or in Clockwork Orange-homage gear. (That first little dance move she makes in those overalls,  splaying her legs with a hint of dorkiness, is really cute, though.) Lyrically, "You Da One" doesn't sound that dirty: Sure, Rihanna can inflect lines like "Cause you know how to give me that / You know how to pull me back... / You know how to love me hard" with a whole lot of innuendo, but when the song's just playing on the radio, it sounds mostly sweet ("You the one that I dream about all day / You the one that I think about always"). But Rihanna is not in her sweet phase, thank you very much, and if you weren't sure, there she goes grabbing her pants again.