Things Louis C.K. Would Have to Do For Me to Like Him More


Louis C.K. was on Leno last night talking about a cab ride to the airport and a camping trip with his kids. I think we are all getting a little tired of talking about how much we love Louis C.K., so here is a partial list of things he would have to do for me to like him more than I already do:

- cure cancer

- invent a breed of puppy that looks like a beagle-pug mix but doesn’t need to be walked or fed and is happiest in a tiny cramped living space

- ask me out, but on all our dates we just eat pudding and play Monopoly and he lets me have Boardwalk and Park Place

- personally finance the production of enough Community episodes to last for two more years and release them on his website for free

- moderate a sit-down discussion between Israel and Palestine like the one between him and Dane Cook on Louie

Parts two and three of the interview below.