The Three Stooges Trailer: Why They Oughta (Know Better)


Are the Farrelly brothers a couple of wiseguys? The directorial duo has long wanted to resurrect the Three Stooges as a movie franchise, and though they once had A-listers like Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, and Jim Carrey attached, the reboot went ahead with Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso as the Stooges (with Jane Lynch, Larry David, and Sofia Vergara in supporting roles). Now the trailer has debuted online, and ... well ... okay, let's just put it this way: The first real joke in the trailer is about Curly not understanding an iPhone, and the last joke has Moe getting a Jersey Shore makeover (complete with Snooki cameo). It's clear that the Farrellys have taken their cues from other big-screen transfers like The Brady Bunch and The Addams Family, presenting their heroes as permanently anchored to the decade they originated from and at odds with our contemporary world. Like, really at odds. Like, so at odds that the premise of this trailer — the Stooges don't fit into the 21st century very easily — may be a real-life lesson that the Farrellys just learned the hard way. Ain't that a poke in the eye!