Vulture On Set: Watch the Community Cast Engage in a Hilarious Pop-Culture Battle


Welcome back to Vulture On Set, where your favorite entertainment website goes behind the scenes on the shows you're obsessed with. We've already sat down with the cast of Happy Endings to learn about their go-to karaoke songs and grabby cast parties, but for today's installment, Vulture is spending time with the talented, sprawling cast of Community. Since the show is so steeped in pop-culture references (including tonight's Glee-inspired episode, the last one before it goes on hiatus), we decided to split the cast into two teams and grill them on their entertainment savvy with questions pulled from the Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture Game. (Show creator Dan Harmon serves as moderator.) How deep is Alison Brie's knowledge of big-screen romantic comedies? Does Donald Glover know all his hipster-approved pop-culture touchstones? And will Chevy Chase's audacious attempts at sabotage bear fruit? Watch the amazing video and find out!