Vulture On Set: Watch the Happy Endings Cast Discuss Bad Pickup Lines, Sex in Bathrooms, and Drunk Karaoke


Vulture recently had the privilege of hanging with the super-close cast of Happy Endings — one of New York's top ten shows this year — in their on-set bar, Rosalita's, and boy, did we learn some things! Like Damon Wayans Jr.'s favorite raunchy pickup line, Elisha Cuthbert's go-to karaoke song ("Under Pressure" — both Queen and Bowie parts), and why you might want to check the the bathroom if Eliza Coupe is missing from the group. But wait, there's much more! Be sure to check out part two of our interview right here tomorrow, in which the group will dish about the first time they ever got drunk and their most depressing birthdays. Consider it an early holiday gift.

Update: Watch part 2, in which the cast confesses to shoplifting and holding naked, grabby cast parties!