Watch Friday Night Lights Connie Britton Get Increasingly Concerned for American Horror Story Connie Britton


Few characters this television season have had to put up with the level of terror, physical pain, and all-around misery that Connie Britton's Vivien Harmon has experienced in nearly every episode of American Horror Story. Cheating husband? Check. Miscarriage followed by demon baby? Yup. Living in a haunted house and getting raped by the ghosts there? Sadly, check. Kinda made us want to reach into the TV and give her a big hug. Since that's silly and impossible, we began to imagine the next best thing: Tami Taylor's kind eyes and sweet drawl comforting Vivien. But is there such a thing as too big a problem for Mrs. Coach to take in stride? As you'll see in the following Vulture video match-up, as Vivien's problems get more and more absurd, eventually even Tami would have to get out of the house, y'all.