Watch Vulture’s Top 30 Clickables of 2011


Each day on Vulture's Clickables, we bring you a carefully curated stream of hilarious, ridiculous, and/or entertaining short viral videos and photos from the never-ending weirdness factory that is the Internet. Before our minds turn to what 2012 will bring (3-D Beyoncé line dances? Ryan Gosling helicoptering in to save small villages with only the power of his striped tank top?), let us reflect on the joys of 2011. Click on to see a compilation of our 30 favorite Clickables, which include everything from a shirtless Community cast to a hapless jet pack operator to the world's cutest and tiniest Kid Cudi fan. Those were the days! (And don't forget to download our free Clickables iPhone app, so you can have all past, present, and future virality right in your pocket.)