Watch Zoe Caldwell Sumptuously Improvise As a Rich Xenophobe


On Sunday, the incomparable Zoe Caldwell finishes her sold-out run in Elective Affinities, a unique one-act monologue in which the Tony winner poses as a wealthy, deceptively charming Upper Manhattanite Alice Hauptmann (the tiny audience of 30 gathers in the living room of "her" Fifth Avenue manor) and regales her guests with her xenophobic, one percent views on life: New York Magazine theater critic Scott Brown called the performance "a simple, angry little canker on the pulled face of the UES." Between performances, photographer Brigitte Lacombe turned her film camera on Caldwell as the actress skipped back and forth between discussing the play as herself, and then slipping into an improvisation as Alice. The result is an intimate glimpse at a theater great. Take a look.