What Can We Learn About Dragon Tattoo From the ‘Immigrant Song’ Video?


Remember that first, totally rad The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer, the one with Karen O and Trent Reznor’s cover of “Immigrant Song"? Well, this new David Fincher–directed video for the track will apparently serve as the movie’s title credits. Given that it was lovingly assembled by music video veteran Fincher, and that it’s a part of the movie itself, we can pretty safely assume that the “Immigrant Song” video contains secret clues about Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo adaptation. Which means: time to speculate wildly! Herewith, a short list of observations and guesses, based on a close reading of the video.

  • Cascading blue liquids (or maybe molten lava) will feature prominently.
  • There will be many computer wires and USB cords (this actually makes sense, what with the hacking).
  • At one point, a woman’s eyes will open.
  • Someone will be careless with a match, resulting in many giant explosions.
  • Sea creatures will show up. (We really can’t even begin to explain those tentacles, if they are tentacles.)
  • Underwater tulips?

Okay, it’s your turn! Guess away.