Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘ABC’ Best?


The New Directions won sectionals on last night's Glee, and they did it with a super suped-up version of the super-duper Jackson 5 hit "ABC," like any real show choir would. They had no trouble vanquishing the Unitards and the Trouble Tones, but how will they do against Richie Castellano, one-man-band extraordinaire? Or Djénéva and Enzo, bless their little hearts? Watch 'em all below and tell us: Who did it best?

As Performed By

Mozart l'Opéra

You've never heard the song with quite so many vowels.

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Richie Castellano

Would only be better as a one-man-band if he had the knee cymbals.

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Plastic Musik

All we're saying is, Blue Man Group only needs three people.

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Grace Church

Why the Urkel glasses? Why did you have to take us there?!

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Djénéva and Enzo

Oh, those lovable scamps!

As Performed By

New Directions

The ABCs of whooping ass at sectionals. What.