Who Did ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’ Best?


Every week, we take a song from last night's Glee, scour YouTube for five more versions of the same song — whether they be amateur, professional, or something you'd rather not think about — and let you vote on who did it best. This week, we were feeling a little bit more circumspect, and so we decided to leave it to the pros. Herewith, seven different versions of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," by everyone from the Pointer Sisters to Pat Boone, with a little bit of Glee tucked in at the end. Is this song best sung traditionally à la Sinatra, rocked out à la Springsteen, or done artificially traditional-and-rocking à la Glee? You be the judge!

As Performed By

Justin Bieber

Oh, Justin, you made us something with your bionic hand! That was so thoughtful.

As Performed By

Bruce Springsteen

There really is not anything realer than the Boss singing Christmas tunes.

As Performed By

Andrea Bocelli

A voice so pure, he might as well be singing "Silver Bells."

As Performed By

Frank Sinatra

Yeah, he can probably handle this one.

As Performed By

The Pointer Sisters

Aggressively harmonious.

As Performed By

Steven Tyler

Gordo: "Santa just said 'righteous.'"

As Performed By

Pat Boone

Absolutely no naughty here.

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The revelation: Blaine plays the harmonica?