Work It Is Already Offending Tons of People Before Its First Episode


LGBT advocacy groups have mounted a full-scale campaign against ABC’s Work It, the drag comedy airing Jan. 3. GLAAD has asked ABC not to air the show, noting that “transphobia is still all too prevalent in our society and this show will only contribute to it.” Without even seeing the show, it’s pretty obvious from trailers and ads that it doesn’t exactly display a respectful attitude towards transgender people.

Then again, some argue that “comedies’ purpose is to make people laugh, and no social group is immune, including nerds (The Big Bang Theory), overweight people (Mike & Molly), Asian Americans (2 Broke Girls) and just about anyone (Family Guy & South Park).” What say you: is it okay for shows to aggressively target Asian people in the name of comedy? Transgender people? Nerds?