Yale Prof Really Doesn’t Believe James Franco Deserved That ‘D’

== GAGOSIAN GALLERY Opening of GUS VAN SANT and JAMES FRANCO'S: Unfinished== Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills== February 25, 2011== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo - CLINT SPAULDING/PatrickMcMullan.com== == Photo: CLINT SPAULDING/Patrick McMullan

In an essay very loosely tied to the news that an NYU professor might have been fired for giving James Franco a poor grade, R. John Williams, the actor's Yale PhD adviser, has gone on record to explain what it's really like to be Franco's teacher. Turns out, it is totally dreamy and exciting. James Franco does extra reading! James Franco never misses a video conference call, even in the middle of filming multi-million-dollar films. Sometimes, James Franco lets you visit him on set and see the stacks of books that he reads while waiting for the crew to set up shots. In summary, R. John Williams found Franco to be a willing and committed student, who would never skip out on twelve of fourteen classes, and he's pretty sure that 'D' was a mistake. Bonus fact: James Franco's personal assistant schedules his classes and office hours. So maybe the assistant deserved the D?