The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Say Goodbye to the Steelers

Photo: Aby Baker/2011 Aby Baker

After a number of bootleg trailers made their way around the internet, the full-length trailer for Christopher Nolan's closely guarded Dark Knight Rises is now officially online.  As opposed to last summer's teaser, this version offers actual plot points (Anne Hathaway, sans Catwoman ears, threatens to pull an OWS on Bruce Wayne; there's also some political intrigue involving James Gordon) as well as shots of Bane beating the holy hell out of people in the street. Also on hand: Christian Bale looking sweaty; angry protesters (not from Zuccotti Park, in the end); and an explanation as to how the Pittsburgh Steelers came to be involved in all this drama.  To get blown up, obviously.

But this is not all the preview footage available today! Over the weekend, the six-minute prologue for Dark Knight Rises debuted before screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, giving us a first look at Tom Hardy's rumored-to-be-unintelligible Bane. To be fair, the video is very low-quality, and Bane is presumably not intended to be a sparkling orator, but: Yeah, we can't hear anything beyond "what matters is the plan." Once Bane's awesome (even on this tiny screen!) plane-dismantling plan is revealed, though, it's hard to argue with that statement.