Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Sexy Sundance Drama 28 Hotel Rooms


Everyone will be bundled up in sweaters, parkas, and scarves at the Sundance Film Festival this week, but when better to watch a movie about two people who tend to get naked when together — both physically and emotionally? In 28 Hotel Rooms, written and directed by veteran actor Matt Ross (whom you may also know as Alby on Big Love and the ether-sniffing doctor on American Horror Story), a novelist and a corporate accountant meet while traveling for work, and though both are already attached to other people, they fall into a one-night stand that unexpectedly keeps recurring. But is their relationship just a fun, frequent thing, or is it turning into something more substantial without either quite realizing it? Chris Messina and Marin Ireland star in the movie, which premieres in Park City this Saturday; you can check out an exclusive scene and the poster below.