9 Questionable Fashion Choices From Parenthood’s Amber


There is much to love about Amber on Parenthood: She's bright and self-possessed, a funny foil for both her mom and her brother, and all-star crier Mae Whitman is terrific. But Amber's fashion sense is atrocious. We're all for quirky and individualized looks, but Amber's red hat belongs on a My Buddy, and her affection for unflattering necklines causes us real, physical pain. These are but the most recent offenders:

Bad Hair

Just because Tilda Swinton makes it look cool doesn't mean it works for everyone.

Weird Sweater/Coat


Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals is bad enough, but the brutality of toe-wedgie-ing oneself by wearing socks with flip-flops is nearly unimaginable. This represents Amber's latent self-loathing.

Sack Dress


Weird Romper

It's like a Project Runway challenge to rehab Kelly and Brenda's dress.

That Goddamn Red Hat

Maybe she has to go be in The Sandlot right after this.

My Eyes Are Down Here

Honestly, the sweatshirt is kind of punchy in a fun, irreverent way, but with a collared shirt and a bandanna and dangly earrings, it's just a lot.


It looks like it's made of her skin.

Contrasting Turtleneck Dickey (?)

Leave the turtleneck/cutouts to Candice Bergen in 1992, Amber.