9 Questionable Fashion Choices From Parenthood’s Amber


There is much to love about Amber on Parenthood: She's bright and self-possessed, a funny foil for both her mom and her brother, and all-star crier Mae Whitman is terrific. But Amber's fashion sense is atrocious. We're all for quirky and individualized looks, but Amber's red hat belongs on a My Buddy, and her affection for unflattering necklines causes us real, physical pain. These are but the most recent offenders:

Bad Hair

Just because Tilda Swinton makes it look cool doesn't mean it works for everyone.

Weird Sweater/Coat


Socks and Sandals

Photo: NBC

Socks and sandals is bad enough, but the brutality of toe-wedgie-ing oneself by wearing socks with flip-flops is nearly unimaginable. This represents Amber's latent self-loathing.

Sack Dress

Photo: NBC


Weird Romper

Photo: NBC

It's like a Project Runway challenge to rehab Kelly and Brenda's dress.

That Goddamn Red Hat

Photo: NBC

Maybe she has to go be in The Sandlot right after this.

My Eyes Are Down Here

Photo: NBC

Honestly, the sweatshirt is kind of punchy in a fun, irreverent way, but with a collared shirt and a bandanna and dangly earrings, it's just a lot.


Photo: NBC

It looks like it's made of her skin.

Contrasting Turtleneck Dickey (?)

Photo: NBC

Leave the turtleneck/cutouts to Candice Bergen in 1992, Amber.