Aziz Ansari Got an Uninvited Comedy Partner in Cuba Gooding, Jr. Last Night


Gosh, Sundance just seems like a crazy topsy-turvy world, where movie stars spend their days skiing and Cuba Gooding Jr. is a standup comedian. He was last night, anyway, when he leapt onstage during Aziz Ansari’s standup set to try to persuade the audience to pay more attention. Best of all, he began his announcement by shouting “Cuba Gooding!” which is so wonderfully fantastic I can’t even take it. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like Aziz is in the market for a partner, but he might be able to refer Cuba to another comic who also frequently punctuates his jokes with his own name. Look for the Raaaaaaaandy! and Cuuuuuuuuba! World Tour next spring in stadiums near you.