‘Big Mouth’ Video: Santigold Has Heard Enough Gaga for This Lifetime


An MP3 of Santigold’s new single, off the upcoming Master of My Make-Believe, is available for download over at her official website, but skipping right to the free music would mean missing the crazed, hand-scribbled delights of her “Big Mouth” video. It is the stuff MS Paint dreams are made of! (Let’s be clear: This is a high-quality video made by professionals with legitimate talents and access to real software, but if you have ever lost an afternoon trying to paste your friend’s head onto an MS Paint–drawn armadillo, then you will appreciate the vision here.) Santigold spends much of the video growling with Wild Thing–worthy animated teeth, while her two associates Frankenstein-shuffle in the corner. But, as noted above, she also calls out a few of her peers: Gaga as a floating mermaid (a reference to the “You and I” video, we’re assuming), Lindsay Lohan with mutating boobs, and a blue-haired Katy Perry blah-blah-blah-ing all the way home. Santigold: not a “Teenage Dream” fan, either. Got it.