Friends With Kids Trailer: Bridesmaids Revisited


If the Bridesmaids sequel never happens -- and with Kristen Wiig busy and Melissa McCarthy reluctant to return without her, don't count on it anytime soon -- at least there's Friends With Kids. Jennifer Westfeldt had the good fortune to populate her romantic comedy with a healthy heaping of the Bridesmaids cast (Wiig and Jon Hamm play one married couple, while Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd are another) while adding Adam Scott, too. Not a bad idea! The movie puts Westfeldt and Scott at its center as two platonic friends who decide to have a baby together without any messy romantic underpinnings, and though their friends are skeptical of the arrangement, it seems to work ... at least, until Scott falls for Megan Fox and Westfeldt snags Ed Burns, forcing the two co-parents to examine whether their unresolved feelings with each other might mean love. Looks cute!