The Cold Light of Day Trailer: Superman Is Super Confused


In the upcoming thriller The Cold Light of Day, future Man of Steel star Henry Cavill plays a young American who takes a scenic vacation with his family to whichever country would give this production the best tax credits (Spain, you are the winner!). Once there, Cavill thoughtfully strips down to his skivvies and jumps off the family yacht, but upon returning from his swim, the boat is covered in blood and his family is missing. Then again, Dad is played by 2012 MVP Bruce Willis, and you'd better believe that there's more to that story: A confused Cavill is made even more so when Willis reappears, and then a gun-toting Sigourney Weaver enters the picture to shout whichever variations of "Get in the car!" and "Your parents aren't who you thought they were!" she didn't already use on Taylor Lautner in Abduction. Anyway, these are just the words in between "Cavill thoughtfully strips down to his skivvies" and you pressing "play," so we'll wrap this up.