‘Comeback Kid’ Video: Sleigh Bells Excel at Air-Punching


Guitarist Derek Miller, who closes out the video for Reign of Terror single "Comeback Kid" with a Breakfast Club–inspired fist-pump, will probably walk away with the Best Sleigh Bells Air-Punch award. (Also: Best T-Shirt and Best Mustard Toss.) But to focus entirely on his last-frame theatrics would mean overlooking some expertly executed windmill air punches on the part of Alexis Krauss, who looks like she's been training with a Wii boxing game for at least a month now. Krauss also demonstrates remarkable skill in the art of jumping up and down on a bed with a shotgun (that robe is definitely taking home the Best Loungewear Award) and staring creepily into the camera in a blonde wig. Miller, for his part, nails the "hang on to the back of a car on a skateboard" move. Is this how people hang in Florida? It looks fun.