Edelstein: In Coriolanus, Ralph Fiennes "Tells a Damn Good Story"

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The new film adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, starring Ralph Fiennes (who also makes his directing debut), quietly and quickly slipped in and out theaters last month for a brief Oscar-qualifying run. Now it's finally reappearing in limited release, so you have the chance to see what David Edelstein called a "sensationally gripping" version of the tragedy, with Fiennes as the titular hardened soldier ill-fatedly wandering into post-war politics. With a script adapted by Hugo's John Logan, the confident film sets the tale in a modern-day locale, a move that had Edelstein writing, "I’ve always maintained that such updating is a bad idea and rejoice in being proved wrong...[Fiennes and Logan] have the pulse of the play, its firm martial beats and its messy political clatter." Read the rest of his review here.