D’Angelo Comeback Update: We’ve Got a Soundgarden Cover

Photo: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

A few notes on the "Black Hole Sun" cover that popped up online yesterday, courtesy of Roots front man and OWS Paul Revere Questlove: (1) Questlove did not leak it. (2) Questlove says it was recorded some eight years ago "in [D'Angelo's] crib in VA" (though other reports place it in 2010?). (3) Questlove says it is not on D'Angelo's rumored upcoming album. Still, fans of the legally troubled neo-soul singer will read the above headline and promptly spaz out in a fit of comeback-related joy. New D'Angelo! Actual music! And trippy, fuzzed-out Soundgarden music, at that. Pair this development with Questlove's recent assertion that the new album is "pretty much 97% finished," plus an upcoming European tour, and you have the makings of a real, legitimate D'Angelo revival. (Please, please don't let us have just jinxed that.) Keep it together, dude! We want to believe.