D’Angelo Comeback Watch: Now With Actual Concert Footage!


Though promises of his return have been bubbling for a few months, most of our recent D'Angelo news has come from Questlove, the unofficial mouthpiece of the D'Angelo Comeback Movement, who has been keeping the public apprised of his album status, his tour plans, and who did or did not leak that mysterious Soundgarden cover. (It wasn't Questlove.) Finally, though, some material from the man himself. D'Angelo kicked off his European tour in Stockholm last night, and below is actual footage of the fallen-but-now-rising-again R&B superstar, onstage, singing new music. It's happening! And based on the footage below, plus a glowing concert review in the Guardian ("a triumph" and "a whole lot of fun"), it's going swimmingly. Here's one of the two new songs, "Charade," off that "ninety-seven percent finished" album:

And here's the second, "Sugar Daddy":

More of this, please! Preferably in America.