Die Antwoord Is Back, Freaky, in Need of an Exterminator


As has been previously established on YouTube, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, one half of the South African weirdo-rap crew known as Die Antwoord, is very comfortable cuddling with rodents. There are probably few things that Y0-Landi is afraid of, now that we think about it, but close physical contact with vermin is definitely not among them. The more squeamish among you, however, may take issue with the rats that invade the video for “I Fink You Freeky,” off the upcoming Ten$ion (out February 7). Or maybe you will be more dismayed with the cockroach that ends up in the “Brain on Drugs”–esque frying pan. Other potential landmines include: snake make-outs, penis noses, hand-drawn boobs, and children doing inappropriate things (flipping the bird, wearing blackface). In summary, it is a Die Antwoord music video. Still, nothing in it is as sad as the cat-dead dove anecdote from this weekend’s New York Times Magazine profile about the group. Die Antwoord: friends to animals! Except for that (stuffed, we think) lion.