Downton’s Lady Mary and Cora Are Making an Album Together

Downton Abbey Photo: PBS

Elizabeth McGovern, who plays the gentle Lady Grantham on Downton Abbey, has in fact had a side career as a singer-songwriter for several years. (She has a band and everything.) But unless you're on an advance screening schedule for this season's Downton, you're maybe not aware that Michelle Dockery can also carry a tune. She can! And so the Lady Mary and her onscreen mother have teamed up for an album, due sometime this year. That is basically all the information we have about the project, but if you think Vulture is going to miss an opportunity to start the Draft Maggie online campaign, then you have another thing coming. Get the Dowager Countess on this album! We're thinking spoken word, but really, they could just sample any old DC barb from the show and we'd be satisfied.