‘Easy’ Video: Real Estate Fans Kidnap a D.J.


And not just any D.J., but a WNYU student D.J. played by Vulture's own Work It hate-recapper Jake Fogelnest. The Tom Scharpling–directed video also features comedian Chris Gethard, Leah Giblin, and, in a star turn, Videogum blogger Gabe Delahaye as Real Estate's street team, which is loosely defined in the context of this video as "a group of psychos in matching band sweatshirts who threaten passersby with headphones." (Kudos to Delahaye for really milking that "shhh.") We won't spoil the end, except to say that it involves a shotgun, a bouquet of flowers, a handful of silent film titles, and major advancements in the fight against illiteracy. Enjoy!