Thin Ice Trailer: Greg Kinnear and Billy Crudup Pay Homage to Fargo


No disrespect to Greg Kinnear and Billy Crudup, both very good, nice-looking actors, who seem like decent guys, but they are just not the kind of fellows who make this particular blogger go, "Greg Kinnear! Billy Crudup! Must See That Movie They Are Starring In!" They're more the very reliable, extremely capable fellows you want rounding out some high-profile ensemble. But here they are top-lining Thin Ice, a crime comedy that feels like a rehash of a bunch of totally solid Sundance efforts. The film has them playing two different kinds of creep, one a shady, debt-ridden insurance agent who sets out to rob a client of an expensive violin, but is sniffed out by Crudup's blackmailing, unhinged weirdo, who installs security systems. The pair end up accidentally murdering someone (funny!), and then are stuck dealing with each other, like some criminal Odd Couple. The movie, which is directed by Jill Sprecher, a Big Love writer and producer, takes place in a very snowy environment, automatically giving the proceedings a strong wannabe Fargo vibe. The one really exclamatory thing about this film: the presence of Lea Thompson, a.k.a. Caroline in the City, a.k.a. Lorraine McFly, as Kinnear's fed-up wife. Nice to see you, Lea!