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super bowl ads

Matthew Broderick Will Reprise Ferris Bueller in a Super Bowl Ad

Matthew Broderick will be reprising his role as Ferris Bueller in a Super Bowl commercial, or so it seems based on this ten-second teaser for some mystery product. It's not so shocking that an advertiser would bank on Broderick/Bueller's enduring legacy as a righteous dude, but one does wonder what exactly Bueller would be up to or endorsing these days, given that he'd now be about 44; the devil-may-care attitude is fine for an 18-year-old sausage king of Chicago, but scheming elusiveness is somewhat less appealing in an adult. Life has indeed moved pretty fast! So, what do you think a middle-aged Bueller (Bueller? Bueller?) could advertise that wouldn't just make you feel horribly old? Please don't let it be Flomax ...