Girl in Progress Trailer: Eva Mendes Is Your New Lorelai Gilmore


Before the Gilmore Girls fans get too heated, we will concede that there are a few major differences between Mendes's down-on-her-luck single mom and the gabby Lorelai: (1) Lorelai never fooled around with a married man, unlike Mendes, who in the trailer for Girl in Progress is heavily involved with the very attached Matthew Modine. (2) Rory, the doe-eyed teenage daughter from Gilmore Girls, behaved impeccably at school and home until at least season four, while Tavita here seems to be headed off the rails, much like her mother. (3) Gilmore Girls never featured any startlingly obvious school lectures about bildungsromans, as best we can recall. But the premises are not dissimilar — a zany "cool mom" with a taste for short dresses and destructive romantic relationships, trying to make good for herself and her young daughter. Can Mendes charm you as Lauren Graham once did?  Before you answer, consider that the outfits, at least, have really improved here. Good work, single mom costume specialists.