Herman Cain Has Joined Forces and Possibly Identities With Stephen Colbert


Herman Cain will tape a segment with Stephen Colbert in South Carolina on Friday, having enjoyed Colbert’s Super PAC’s recent endorsement. Even though Cain’s out of the race, his name is still on the ballot in South Carolina, and Colbert has said that “Anybody who shares my values can show it by voting for Herman Cain.” To sum up: Cain is not running but is on the ballot, Colbert wants to run but isn’t eligible to be on the ballot, Colbert pretended to be Cain in an ad, voting for Cain means you’re really voting for Colbert, and Cain’s going to be on Colbert’s show. What is reality? Who is actually running for President of the United States? And most importantly, has anyone actually seen Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain in the same place at the same time? OR ARE THEY ONE AND THE SAME?