Jeff, Who Lives at Home Trailer: Jason Segel and Ed Helms Bro Out, in a Nice Way


In Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Jason Segel finds himself back in his mother's basement, sweatshirt-clad, avoiding any responsibility that does not involve filling a smoking device with the proper substances. (Or so we guessed — they don't actually mention the weed in the trailer, but come on.) The man-child look is back, but in the hands of the Duplass brothers (the writer-director team behind Cyrus), Segel appears to be the gentlest, wisest version of a man-child, helping his goofy brother — Ed Helms, with a tragic goatee — stand up to his cheating wife. That unlucky lady is played by Judy Greer, who here finds herself on the other side of a Descendants-like hunt for a cheating spouse (no coma though), and Susan Sarandon gets roped in as the unhappy mother of Segel and Helms. From the looks of the trailer, doofy Segel will teach everyone the meaning of love and family and togetherness, the end — but maybe it's the details here, like the giant Segel hanging out the roof of a Porsche, or Segel and Helms bonding in a bathtub.  It looks sweet enough.