So What Did Lana Del Rey Think of Her SNL Performance?

Photo: Nicole Nodland

Surely, pillow-lipped chanteuse Lana Del Rey is now the most famous, most controversial woman to have ever existed in all of human time: So polarizing, in fact, that even immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship are now required to state their opinion on Del Rey's infamous Saturday Night Live performance before receiving a rubber stamp. But despite all the famous names who have come to Del Rey's defense, including Daniel Radcliffe and Whitney Cummings, the singer herself had kept characteristically demure and quiet about the SNL stint until this week, when Rolling Stone finally convinced her to talk. "I actually felt good about [the performance]," she told the magazine. "I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine ... The cast and crew said they loved it. I know some people didn't like it, but that's just the way I perform, and my fans know that." Then again, it looks like the endless waves of backlash are finally getting to Lana: "It wouldn't have mattered if I was absolutely excellent. People don't have anything nice to say about this project," she told the reporter, adding, "I'm sure that's why you're writing about it." Burn!