LOL Trailer: Miley Cyrus Takes Her Rebellion to France


It's worth noting that the title of Miley Cyrus's upcoming Skins-lite rom-com is not, actually, Miley's or even Hollywood's fault. LOL, it turns out, is an adaptation of a 2008 French movie by the same name (France: keeping it wacky with the English movie titles since always). In both cases, the acronym is for Lola, the spirited teenager who puts love and strenuous texting before school and being nice to her mom, but it does also describe your likely reaction to several parts of this trailer, or just to the idea that Demi Moore agreed to be in a movie titled LOL. We were particularly taken by the "can u go to Paris" IM exchange (Why? Why is the whole family going to France, other than to honor the original movie's cultural heritage), though maybe you'll prefer the range of wacky faces Miley makes to her Chace Crawford–gone-bad boyfriend. Or there's Miley's "Party tiiiiiime" shimmy, which is already destined for the ONTD Gif Wall of Fame. One leftover question: Is the climactic musical performance being held at some sort of Dharma Initiative club? Do they have those in France? Please advise.