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Glee Casts Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer==
Matt Bomer and Mark Feuerstein host intimate 
dinner celebrating winter return of USA 
Network's hit series White Collar and Royal 
The Lion N.Y.C.==
Jan 17, 2012==
© Patrick McMullan==

White Collar's Matt Bomer is heading to Glee in April, according to TV Line, to play Blaine's older brother. (Five bucks says his name is going to be Dane or Wayne; Glee just can't help itself with that cutesy-weirdsy stuff.) Ryan Murphy's on something of a Bomer kick this month: He just cast the Magic Mike co-star in Normal Heart, too, so maybe an American Horror Story stint isn't too far away. Bomer and Darren Criss look enough alike, so in the pantheon of solid sibling casting, this is decent, though not quite as good as if Bomer and Ian Somerhalder were playing brothers, which would be perfect. 

Photo: Chance Yeh/