The Megaupload ‘Mega Song’ Genius Is Planning a Full Album

By employees Bram van der Kolk, also known as Bramos, left, Finn Batato,second from left, Mathias Ortmann and founder, former CEO and current chief innovation officer of Kim Dotcom (also known as Kim Schmitz and Kim Tim Jim Vestor), right, appear in North Shore District Court in Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, Jan. 20, 2012. The four appeared in court in relation to arrests made to, which is linked to a U.S. investigation into international copyright infringement and money laundering. (AP Photo/Greg Bowker, New Zealand Herald) NEW ZEALAND OUT, AUSTRALIA OUT Photo: Greg Bowker/AP

If you have not been following the saga-within-a-saga of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, then the details are as follows: Dotcom, née Kim Schmitz, was arrested last week at his giant New Zealand mansion with a sawed-off shotgun by his side. Before the raid, he spent his time collecting fancy cars, sending threatening e-mails to his neighbors, and singing in absurd music videos about his file-sharing site. He's quite the character! So of course it makes perfect sense that, in the midst of his giant legal drama, Dotcom is planning a solo music career. MTV caught up with Papo Besson, a member of the production team behind Megaupload's "Mega Song," who confirmed that Dotcom is working on a "phenomenal" upcoming album that "will be history in the making." It's unclear whether Dotcom managed to actually finish the album before getting hauled off to prison, but surely there are at least one or two "M-E-G-A" remixes lying around that can be repackaged into something magical. A Kanye cameo is looking less likely, though.