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blue ivy carter

For Your Consideration: Oprah as Blue Ivy Carter's Godmother

Warning: This scoop is 90-something percent hypothetical, as it comes from the ever-shady realm of MediaTakeOut. (But hey, they have been right before.) According to MTO, Beyoncé and Jay-Z "wanted to give the 'godparents' role to people NOT ALREADY related to them by family." Which would explain Hova's oft-rapped-about BFF Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith allegedly scoring the godfather role. We'd certainly take any reason for Oprah to have even a little authority over Jay-Z, just so we could know she was getting all scoldy on him on the regular. UPDATE: Nope! But thanks again for a wonderful stroll through "what if" world, MediaTakeOut.

Photo: Don Arnold/2010 Don Arnold