About That Oscars Trailer


For most years in recent memory, the Oscars have been aggressively tasked with shaking things up. After the great Franco flop of 2011 and the Eddie Murphy/Brent Ratner drop-out-eroo surrounding the upcoming 84th Academy Awards, the show sought stability, inviting Billy Crystal back for a ninth hosting stint. Acerbic apathy and nostalgic excitement rang out in equal measure. (Okay. There might have been more groans.)

Now the Academy's shown, in its goofy way, that they're at least partially committed to that whole reinvention thing by bringing out a trailer that's neither dull nor a standard clip show. The promo will begin screening in 2,000 theaters on Friday, and it's about the best shot the Academy has of getting audiences excited for the spectacle rather than simply reminding folks the Oscars exist.

The trailer was made with Funny or Die, an institution that tends to operate hilariously and marvelously on a daily basis. Plus, the clip finally joins screen legends Robin Williams and Megan Fox on a mythic quest. Good signs.