Time for Dwight Schrute to Get an Office Spinoff

Photo: Jason Merritt/2011 Getty Images

Good news if you loved that episode of The Office where Jim and Pam visit Dwight's beet farm so much you never wanted it to end: NBC is developing a Rainn Wilson-starring spinoff set at Schrute Farms. Wilson and Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein would exec produce together, having cooked up the family-oriented comedy which would feature several generations of indubitably strange Schrutes. The show may launch mid-season in 2013, pinching Wilson from the middle of the The Office's still unconfirmed ninth year. Those doubting the staying power of Dwight's agricultural endeavor should take a quick gander at TripAdvisor's page for the fictional farm; it all but guarantees a pilot viewership of at least the 875 reviewers and however many people read the Times article about the oddity.