Scandal: The Women of Downton Abbey Are Wearing Used Dresses

Downton Abbey Photo: PBS

The vigilant photo editors over at the Daily Mail have uncovered a small but no less shocking secret concerning the fabulous Downton wardrobe. It turns out that many of the female characters are wearing dresses borrowed from previous costume dramas, presumably in an effort to save money. (The evidence is here, and it's pretty compelling.) Recycled clothes! At Downton Abbey! The horror! Even the Dowager Countess is implicated, though to her credit, she's really working the blue silk number that once belonged to Uma Thurman. This trend probably explains why Lady Mary keeps turning up to dinner in the same three dresses, though we were willing to assume that Downton was just going for a hint of reality on that front. Speaking of repeat Lady Mary fashion: Can we bring back the striped garden party dress? The maroon coat is getting tired.