See a Woman Who Likes Eating Cat Food on the New Season of My Strange Addiction


On last summer's second season finale of TLC's Sunday night hit My Strange Addiction, we met Cassie, the woman who constantly carries around the ashes of her dead husband ... and sometimes actually eats said remains. With story lines like that, was there any doubt the network would green-light a third season of this modern-day heir to Ripley's Believe It... Or Not? Nope! We're happy to exclusively report that the third, eight-episode season of My Strange Addiction will begin running on February 12, with two episodes airing each Sunday at 10 p.m. So what creepy, cringe-inducing disorders will be chronicled in the weeks ahead?

Well, per TLC, season three episodes will look into a woman who drinks five bottles of nail polish every day, someone who makes a tasty meal out of tape, and a lovely lass who refuses to consider surgery to reduce the size of her 38KKK breasts. Two story lines sound particularly promising, however. In an episode that gives new meaning to the word autoerotic, the MSA producers will introduce us to Nathanial, a dude from Arkansas described as a "mechaphiliac." That's someone who gets a sexual charge from his car. But not the way Ryan Gosling totally digs his wheels in Drive. No, Nat has actually given his Chevrolet Monte Carlo a name — Chase! — and regularly takes it on dates. And, according to TLC, Nat "makes love to it." (There's a joke with the punch line "fill 'er up" to be had her, but we're going to try to be sensitive.) And finally, TLC has given us exclusive video of an episode revolving around Mary from Michigan. Her Strange Addiction? Girl is hooked on the cat food. TLC says Mary "eats 900 treats a day" and tells producers "wet food tastes like chicken soup."